Indo Creamer Refill Pack

Indo Creamer has milky white color & creamy taste with milk aroma. The benefits are: The substitute for dairy milk, because it doesn’t contain animal fat, so it is non-cholesterol and low-calorie. No trans fat content. Instant product, dissolve quickly without residues As mixture to coffee, tea, chocolate and other drinks Can be a mixture for other foods Can be served fast and practically


Glucose Syrup, Refined Hardened Coconut Oil, Sodium Caseinate (Contain Milk Protein). Dipotassium phosphate (E340ii), Mono – and diglycerides of fattyacids (E471), Sodium polyphosphate (E452i), Silicon dioxide (E551), Beta carotene (E160a). All addictives are of plant or synthetic origin.

Creamer Refill Pack 200 Grams
Creamer Refill Pack 400 Grams
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