Story of Mandheling coffee
in sumatra.

Mandheling coffee is renowned in the world of specialty coffee and named after the Mandheling people that traditionally farmed & processed the coffee beans in Northern Sumatra, and it is one of the common four types of Sumatra coffee. In WWII, a Japanese military man stationed in Sumatra is said to have asked a local Sumatran where his coffee originated, but the Sumatran man mistakenly thought he was being asked about his origin and replied “Mandheling”. Words had spread to Japan, then the name stuck and has become a generic name for the low acid, complex body coffee produced in North Sumatra as merchants began inquiring about the purchase of Mandheling coffee from Sumatra.

Mandheling coffee plants are grown organically in high altitude mountain with volcanic soil, which is very fertile. Coffee derives from smallholder production, involving long processing and marketing chains stretching from the mountains of North Sumatra and Aceh to the Port of Medan. Rising demand for this internationally renowned specialty coffee has resulted in increasing quality and consistency issues.

characteristics of
mandheling coffee.

Earthy taste and low acidity

Deep, smooth and rich in flavour

Herbal aroma

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